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Group Travel

GROUP AIR TRAVEL with KlassiC Travel:

KlassiC Travel will do the research for you, giving you a variety of group travel options and quotes based on your travel requirements.


  1. Sports Team
  2. Affinity
    1. Boy Scouts
    2. Craft groups
    3. Cultural
    4. Hobby
  3. Family
    1. Reunions
    2. Anniversaries
    3. High School/ College graduations
  4. Destination Weddings
  5. Incentive /Reward
  6. Board of Director Trips / Supporters


If you are planning to travel to a domestic or international sports tournament /event, it is critical to start planning early. Airlines are limited in the amount of seats they can sell at special fares for groups. The earlier we secure group air contracts the more likely that there will be availability on better flight schedules at a cost savings. Generally, group air reservations can be made 11 months prior to departure date.

Group Qualification: 10 or more people who are looking for the same dates of travel and same routing.

The benefits of group air contracts are that you are guaranteeing that everyone is traveling together on the same flight and paying the same price with flexible payment terms. It keeps the planning process simple. You also have the ability to cancel a reservation with minimal penalties (varies per airline) up to 90 days prior to travel. Also, traveling under one confirmation/itinerary allows the airline to better serve groups in the event of schedule changes, delays, or emergencies. And finally, frequently, as part of a group contract, name changes are allowed for a minimal fee or no cost after tickets have been issued.

Understanding Airline Contracts: KlassiC Travel will be responsible for understanding and communicating to clients the group airline contract terms and conditions. In addition, KlassiC Travel will assist clients with managing due dates and contract requirements. KlassiC Travel proactively sends clients reminders (7days in advance) of utilization, payment, roster submission and name change deadlines.

KlassiC Travel Services Fee: Due to airline ticketing agreements with travel agents, it is necessary for KlassiC Travel Services to charge a service fee of; $30/per domestic roundtrip ticket ( $35/total if two one way domestic tickets are required) and $50/per international ticket.